Grow Inspired: Best of Hoopla’s Gardening Books 2022

Jeremiah here — I have two gardening-related lists for you to consider. It’s March and that means growing things. I’m here to help highlight some selections from our Hoopla on-demand ebook collection, which is available free to patrons with a greenfield library card.

I’ve compiled a few different lists for you to consider, including popular inspirational gardening books, practical books, and want to put a spotlight on a particular collection from Mother Earth News.

First up: our most popular inspirational books. These books encourage you to think deeply about gardens, trees, and other growing things. They make for wonderful reading out on the porch, with a cool glass of lemonade, and the beauty of your garden before you.

We can all dream.

  1. Nature’s Best Hope
  2. The Nature of Oaks
  3. Green Wizardry
  4. The Market Gardener
  5. Gardening Without Work

And, now some ebooks to help you go out and get in the dirt.

  1. Starting Seeds
  2. Gardening When It Counts
  3. The Suburban Micro-Farm
  4. The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse
  5. Grow A Little Fruit Tree

Finally a spotlight selection: Mother Earth News Books For Wiser Living

I’m intrigued by many of the selections in this series, but am most interested in those I’ve highlighted above. The series has 27 different books covering a range of environmentally friendly activities and ideas, from straw bale building to compassionate hunting.

Interested in more book picks or about library events? Consider subscribing below.

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