Want to help GPL with some lighthearted citizen science?

Jeremiah here — March means growing things, hopefully.

(Jeremiah fast fact: I’m the son of a long line of Connecticut dairy farmers, with farms still going on both sides of my family. So, I am ever hopeful of growing things, but I trust there is also a bit of a mystery involved in the whole business.)

All this to say, we here at Greenfield Public Library would like to involve you all in a bit of lighthearted citizen science. We’ve heard said that plants grow better listening to music. Heck, this might even be sort of true, but perhaps not entirely true.

Scientists are skeptical, but my farming roots always cling to the hope that this sort of folk wisdom is true, and, can’t hurt.

We have planted a pair of amaryllis bulbs and are going to conduct a bit of an experiment.

Meet our new Flowers in Residence: Mr. Pun and Poet’s Seat.

We invite you to read one of those flowers some lovely haikus penned from one of Greenfield’s own and to tell the other a joke, riddle, or pun.

Let’s compare: does beauty win the day or is laughter the best fertilizer for the soul of these little growing plants?

We will have a display set up in the entry area and would encourage your participation! Patrons will have the chance to either read a short haiku or a brief joke to the flower of their choice.

We’ll let people you vote on which will grow faster.

I can hear you now: this is all a bit mulch.

But, you never know what things may grow.

(See what I did there? Pure poetry.)

Just in case you need some further inspiration, I’ve also compiled a shortlist of some great gardening-related books from our Hoopla service. Hoopla is only available to patrons with a Greenfield Public Library card.

Find them here.

Finally, our wonderful GPL reference staff did some wonderful sleuthing for you looking at local gardening resources, including organizations, some further book suggestions, and other ideas.

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Happy Reading!


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